Industrial Tube Guidelines for safety and quality

Prior to recording an Industrial Tube video, please note the 10 Industrial Tube guidelines for safety and quality:

  1. You are the producer of the video. Film personally with your company IT account and do not allow anyone else to film.
  2. Please observe all safety information and warnings for all products that you show in the video.
  3. All persons appearing in the video must be appropriately covered by the relevant safety provisions.
  4. The filming of the video should in no way hamper safety. If you need to have your hands free, please use appropriate tools to help record the video.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring that business operations are not hindered by the recording of the video.
  6. Take care that there are no people in the video whose assistance you have not requested (e.g. people passing coincidentally). When you show people in your video, ensure that you receive their approval after recording the video.
  7. Avoid as far as possible giving customer names as well as the names of colleagues and other persons.
  8. Ensure that you do not record music or films that could potentially violate copyright laws.
  9. You must possess the necessary qualifications and the necessary expert knowledge. This includes the necessary education, training, knowledge and skills that you present in your video.
  10. Do not publish any inappropriate, insulting, racist, incendiary, sexist, pornographic, false, misleading, incorrect, illegal, defamatory or slanderous content or information.